Conservation Seed Drill Rental

No-till Drill Use Policy


To conserve soil, reduce erosion, provide wildlife habitat, increase biodiversity, and support pollinator populations in Door County through the use of a no-till drill to plant beneficial species.


The LCC gives authority to the Door County Soil & Water Conservation Department to engage in rental agreements in accordance with this policy and oversee the general use and maintenance of the drill.

  1. Any landowner or operator may rent the drill from the Door County SWCD.
  2. The Door County SWCD must approve the seed mix and seeding plan prior to entering a rental agreement. Seed mixes must have a conservation benefit as determined by the Door County SWCD.
  3. Landowners and operators outside Door County may rent the drill. Preference in rental scheduling may be given to projects inside Door County.
  4. Scheduling preference may be given to SWCD conservation projects.
  5. The Door County SWCD may institute a maximum length of rental time in order to maximize conservation benefits during critical seeding timeframes.


Seeding Area
Door County<5 Acres$15/acre
Door County≥5 Acres
Other<10 Acres$20/acre
Other≥10 Acres

No-Till Drill Use Policy (PDF)

No Till Drill Rental Agreement (PDF)

Picture of No-Till Drill Pollinator Planter

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