Door County FiberNet

Help Us Get Internet to Your Home or Business!

We need all property and business owners to participate in this survey to show what internet services are in place in the County.  It is projected to cost $140 million for Fiber to the Premise in Door County.  It is critical for us to obtain as much Federal and State funding as possible and not leave anyone behind.

Every survey completed can help:

1. The State of Wisconsin PSC Broadband Office obtain more federal funding for Fiber. 

2. The County and Municipalities qualify and apply for more State and Federal grants to help pay for Fiber to the premise. 

We need you to complete this short 10 minute survey that includes an internet speed test from your home or business (or both). Please use a computer or tablet to access the survey here .  No cellular connected devices please.  

If you do not have internet access from your home or business OR you only have cellular access-please call the State of Wisconsin Consumer affairs 608-267-3595 for a short survey over the telephone.  You can also email or call me, the Broadband Coordinator with your location information, and that you do not have service and I can enter your location without service into the database.  You can see my contact information below my picture to the right. 

DISCLAIMER: Your responses will be reported in public maps and other reports without addresses or other explicit identifying information. To further protect privacy, data may be presented in an aggregated or suppressed format. In accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), this survey may only be completed by individuals age 13 or older. By completing this survey, you are acknowledging being at least 13 years of age.

"Thank you for taking our survey."

County Broadband study implementation recommendations from the Broadband Steering Committee & endorsed by the DCEDC Board of Directors.

Key Study Findings / Recommendations

    The study provides a general design model that can be replicated throughout the County and it should be utilized as the guide for implementing broadband in the County.

    We knew we had issues, but this study defines how poor our service is in the County which will help enable grant funding.

    While there are significant public resources available for broadband, it will still require local investments to accomplish the countywide vision.

    Broadband is not a luxury, it is a necessity like electricity.

    Like electricity, it will require partnership between the private and public sectors.

    Door County needs a dedicated “leader and champion” for the overall broadband strategy to be successful.

    To accomplish a federated network, we will need to work together to ensure connectivity and efficient use of funds.

    We will need to build partnerships with potential Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to be successful.

    It will take time and persistence at the local, county and state level.

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“M a n y    H a n d s    M a k e    L i g h t    W o r k”